Correct data is vitally important when sending parcels internationally. Not only does it affect the number of undeliverable parcels you get (which can be costly) but it could also have an affect on your customers impression of your brand.

Did you know that in China, the file mile delivery address must be in Chinese characters and not English substitutions. In Germany, if data is missing, in the wrong places or spelt incorrectly each line needs to be manually edited so that a barcode can be produced for final mile delivery. A common issue we have found is when special characters - for example ä ö ü ß - are substituted for other letters resulting in incorrect spellings.

We created our Data Tools in order to minimise time-consuming and costly problems for our retailers due to common data glitches, which includes:

• Poor or incorrect delivery addresses
• Websites that are unable to accept foreign characters such as
Chinese or Cyrillic
• Country specific address formats - for example in Germany
the house number comes at the end of the street name
• Missing information - such as postcodes
• Lack of the necessary customs/ duty information - for example HTS
codes for product lines


wnDataTools - what are they?


Capable of receiving order file manifest in all different formats

Address verification for 220 countries, to reduce undeliverables

Transliteration service for systems that won’t accept foreign characters like Chinese or Cyrillic


Adds missing information to the manifest

Cleanses legacy data to ensure that it’s fit for purpose


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