Passport to Peak Dates

Oct 23, 2018

For your retail business, it depends on the countries you ship to as to when your Peak season begins. At wnDirect, we focus on international delivery, and these are the key dates we keep in our calendar when planning for Peak:

10th– 11thSeptember Rosh Hashana & 19thSeptember Yom Kippur

Israel is fast becoming one of the biggest cross border countries for eCommerce, with Israeli’s buying more and more from the UK. With over 75% of Israeli’s admitting to making cross border purchases, the Jewish New Year and Day of Atonement in September are big shopping dates to look out for in your Peak calendar.

11/11 Single’s Day

You have probably heard of this one. Globally, Single’s Day is the biggest shopping event based in China, with $25.3 billion spent during the promotions in 2017. $25.3 Billion. It is hard to even comprehend the amount!

With origins in celebrating single people, China’s eCommerce giant Alibaba decided to organise large scale sales promotions on Single’s Day on Tmall in 2009. When sales exceeded all forecasts, the ’11/11 Shopping Festival’ became an annual event, with other sites such as and Suning also running promotions on this day.

13thNovember – Click Frenzy

Click Frenzy is a discount shopping day based in Australia where last year 568 retailers and brands offered sales to consumers. Although a lot smaller than other dates in our Peak calendar, each year this shopping day gains momentum with consumers, with the results climbing.

23rdNovember – Black Friday & 26thNovember – Cyber Monday

Black Friday first hit the UK back in 2014, and has since evolved from a single day, to a week-long sales event going through to Cyber Monday. Most retailers have realised this is a good way to avoid capacity issues downstream, and to increase a steady flow of parcels out of their warehouses.

In the US in 2017, $14.5 billion was spent from Thanksgiving (the Thursday before Black Friday) through to Cyber Monday. Similarly, the EU spent 509% above on Black Friday, as they did on an average Friday. Denmark, Spain, Portugal, Italy and Malta saw the biggest jumps in spending with France, Europe’s second largest eCommerce market, following closely behind.

This originally American based shopping event has spread across the globe and is now firmly in our Peak calendar.

With all these dates in our calendar, we are really excited to get the Peak season started. If you need help with your international shipping, contact us today.

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