wnDirect signs five-year contract with TPC Ltd

Jun 21, 2016

wnDirect has signed a five-year contract with processing specialist TPC Ltd. TPC has supported wnDirect since it launched its international eCommerce solution in 2012. During that time both companies have grown significantly, sharing a common ethos which has enabled a partnership based on trust to be founded. wnDirect traffic that leaves the UK goes via TPC for processing making their operation business critical to the successful delivery of our retailers items. The signing of this five-year contract endorses the positive relationship they share.

Tara Bathija, Head of Operations at wnDirect said: “The phrases ‘trust’, ‘partnership’ and ‘working with integrity’ are often bandied about. However, our relationship with TPC genuinely reflects those things. TPC has been flexible enough to enable us to grow as a business and, in the coming weeks we will be celebrating the delivery of our 30,000,000th parcel together – quite an achievement.”

In the spirit of a genuine partnership rather than a supplier / customer relationship the wnDirect and TPC teams are well integrated with a regular focus on performance.

Tara continued: “The information flow we have with TPC is vital all year round but showed its true value during Peak. The ease with which both companies work together and the open and honest communications meant that we were able to enjoy a fantastic 2015 Peak period. Regardless of the time of year customers are always important and with TPC our performance measurements always exceed 98%. This means we are able to provide our retailers with great customer service because our partners in the chain take this concept as seriously as we do.

“TPC also recognises that eCommerce never switches off and, like us, operate all year round.”

wnDirect is known for the development of ‘game-changing’ innovations and TPC has always been flexible enough to adapt to these innovations seeing the benefit they can provide them as a business. wnConsign, wnDirect’s bespoke processing software is a good example of this. Using the software both wnDirect and TPC (as well as the retailers they are working for) get increased visibility which enables any potential issues or errors to be flagged before they become a problem for the end customer.

Tara at wnDirect said: “Together we are working for some of the world’s biggest retailers as well as smaller brands for whom establishing a good reputation is just as important. All the brands we work with entrust us with being part of their supply chain and, therefore, a large part of whether the customer has a positive or negative experience falls to us. This is not a responsibility we take lightly and, thankfully, in TPC we have found a partner who also appreciates the weight of responsibility that comes with this commitment.”

Bob Powner, Chief Operating Officer for TPC said “Our relationship made the contract review reasonably straight forward. We have never been under any illusion that wnDirect expect us to deliver a consistent high level of performance, coupled with an approach of continuous improvement. We are genuinely pleased that wnDirect have continued to place their trust in us and equally as excited that we can support them with their growth strategy over the next few years. People at all levels within both companies have worked extremely focused to increase the pace of change, deliver a great customer experience and drive efficiency. This contract is substantial evidence to us that there is genuinely something called “share in success.”

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