wnDirect shortlisted in prestigious National Chamber of Commerce Awards

Oct 10, 2013

Following their crowning as a Regional Winner wnDirect has now been shortlisted as a national finalist in the 'Most Promising New Business' category of the coveted Chamber of Commerce awards. At the ceremony on 28 November 8 national winners will be announced (one from each category) with an overall winner who will be presented with the prestigious overall winners title and a £25,000 cash prize.

The 'Most Promising New Business' recognises businesses that have been operating for three years or less and entrants are asked to explain the background to their business, the markets in which they operate and their business vision.

wnDirect, an international logistics company focussed on the eCommerce industry, came to market in late 2011 determined that they could not only offer a different logistics solution, but a better one. An example of true entrepreneurial thinking wnDirect believed that retail logistics services had not kept pace with the growing eCommerce market and, as a result, were not responding to the industry's specific needs. By bringing to market a range of solutions which have been developed with extensive retail industry knowledge and unrestricted, innovative thinking wnDirect are now working with a portfolio of leading online retailers not only supporting but guiding their international expansion.

Commenting on the shortlist Stuart Hill, MD of wnDirect said: "We are delighted to have been shortlisted for this award. We work hard to differentiate ourselves within our sector but to be acknowledged on a wider basis is fantastic."

wnDirect's international logistics solutions operate on the basis that whilst customers desire products from 'faraway' lands they also want an experience which is familiar to them and can, therefore, be trusted. In order to embed this into the very heart of their services wnDirect partners with best-in-class local delivery partners who bring a very distinctive aspect to their service. These partnerships give them an unrivalled insight into the market and what is required to be able to work efficiently and successfully there.

wnDirect has fast developed a reputation for developing innovative solutions and have paid particular attention to the countries with significant growth potential. However, these destinations offer a number of challenges for retailers looking to expand there. wnDirect's technological innovations enable them to provide solutions which respond quickly to market demands and the retailer's goals.

Focussing on what makes wnDirect different Stuart Hill, MD of wnDirect said: "There are a number of emerging markets which offer significant and, in some cases, exponential, growth opportunities for retailers. However, success in any foreign region requires an in-depth understanding of the procedures but also respect for the local culture and the 'normal' way of doing things. The biggest mistake retailers can make is expecting the world to be the same. We help retailers not only understand those differences but actively embrace them so their service is able to stand out in that market. As an owner managed team, we have picked experts from the industry our clients operate in, giving us a unique perspective on their strategic goals and business challenges."

An example of this fresh-thinking approach in practice are the services wnDirect has developed for ASOS with regards to the launch of their Russia service.

With over 6 million active customers worldwide and international sales representing over 61 per cent of their total ASOS is well known for its successful international expansion strategy. As such it was one of the first major retailers to embark into Russia launching a local language website in May 2013 partnering with wnDirect to offer its express delivery services to Russian customers.

Discussing the wnDirect relationship Matt Rogers- Head of Delivery Solutions and Inbound Supply Chain said: "The logistics element of entering a new market is one of our major considerations. As such when we started to look at our Russia solution we conducted significant research into various logistics providers to determine who would best suit our needs. wnDirect really differentiated themselves from the competition by offering a well-considered, tailored solution, that fully accommodated all of our requirements."

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