Cross Border Innovation Winners

Jun 25, 2019

We are really proud to announce we have won the Cross-Border Growth award, for our Returns Duty Drawback innovation, from the World Post & Parcel awards. Although we have been shortlisted in previous years, this is the first time we have won an accolade from the committee and we are very proud of our team who made it possible.

The World Post & Parcel Awards is a world-renowned programme dedicated to shining a light on the emerging talents in the mail and express industry. They recognise organisations that embrace change, meet new challenges and make the most of the opportunities ahead, and so we are really excited to have won this award.

What did we win it for?

Cross-border Returns is an increasingly important topic for retailers, and when this involves packets and parcels moving between EU and non-EU countries, Customs duties and taxes are a complication. wnDirect has offered a range of data-driven smooth Customs clearance processes for some time to its customers, offering ‘consumer pays’ and ‘retailer pays’ options as standard as part of the normal delivery pipeline. However, when parcels are returned (both undeliverable and unwanted) then the question of whether and how to get these paid duties and taxes back is a conundrum for retailers. This is a cost of international trade that is often overlooked.

The innovative feature we have developed as part of our overall Returns proposition is a Duty Drawback process, which enables our retailers to reclaim the duties and taxes they have paid on Returned parcels.

We facilitate contents checks of undeliverable and unwanted parcels in our processing centres, so that we can then apply to Customs to re-pay paid duties and taxes .It’s this smart Returns and Duty Drawback process which the judges saw as market leading and innovative, and answering a real need from ecommerce retailers.

This process is facilitated through building robust relationships with multiple partners and also by our compelling IT solutions. It’s currently live for some of our US customers shipping to the EU, where we work with partners to offer this solution in multiple EU gateways.

Simon and part of the team who developed the innovation for the new process, travelled to Dublin on Tuesday, accepting the award after being chosen from the shortlist. They had a great night, and returned to the office in high spirits, with a new award to add to our growing cabinet.

If you are interested to see if this would work for your business, or would like more information about our services, contact us here.

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