Tracked International Returns?

Apr 23, 2019

Consider this, you’re already on top of the game, offering international returns, but SHOCK! You’re not offering tracked international returns?!

In today’s society, tracking is an essential topic when discussing online shopping. It can be the difference between completing a sale, or not. Many online retailers neglect the idea of tracked International returns, not realising it benefits both the customer and retailer. Additionally, introducing this may just put you above your competitors who haven’t.

Using a reliable returns service and being transparent about your returns process could build customer trust and maintain customer loyalty.

Here is an example of where this will come in handy:

Young people like to go out, it’s not a surprise, neither is it a surprise that they like to look *on point*. However, to some, it may be a surprise that some young customers buy multiple outfits, in order to find the perfect one. In the US alone, around 40% of all clothing purchased online, is subsequently returned.

For untracked services, customers may have to wait for parcels to reach the retailer to receive their refund.

For tracked services, this means, as a retailer, you can reliably refund customers once the parcel reaches the consolidation hub in-country.

Offering tracked international returns could also add major brownie points to your customer service. No customer wants to keep an unwanted item. By making your returns information accessible and the returns process, easy to complete, this will ensure customers can return products in the future, with just as much ease and visibility. Moreover, they will know to expect the same, excellent customer service in future visits, reducing their buyer’s fear and anticipation of losing money.

Here, at wnDirect, as part of our wnReturns service, we offer tracked, international returns to multiple countries.

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