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Jul 20, 2015

This week (21st - 22nd July) we're excited to be taking part in the Growing Global eCommerce event in Hollywood.

Global eCommerce is outpacing eCommerce sales in the US alone. While US sales are forecasted to grow at 10% in 2016, sales in the rest of the world are forecasted to grow at 17%. Growing Global brings knowledgeable global eCommerce pioneers (such as ourselves!) together to impart knowledge to retailers empowering them to make their dream - of growing their sales and brand worldwide - a reality.

And who better to speak to delegates than our US Regional Sales Manager, Kim Gimble. Kim, who has an extensive background in international logistics, global supply chain management, expansion strategy and international product growth for global and multinational companies, will be taking to the stage on day two of the event and speaking to delegates in the 'Creating Your Cross-border Shipping Strategy' session.

Kim will discuss how to create a cross border shipping strategy as well as the cost considerations involved with international distribution. She will explain how wnDirect can help US retailers successfully navigate the complexities of cross border trade and describe how our innovative solutions can help retailers successfully navigate the complexities of cross border trade in Europe and other key markets quickly, easily, reliably and cost effectively.

It's going to be a busy two days!



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