Virtualstock and wnDirect reveal groundbreaking supply chain partnership

Jun 23, 2014

Launch of wnOptimise heralds new era in international delivery logistics and simplifies the e-commerce global supply chain

Software solutions provider Virtualstock (VS) and international logistics specialist wnDirect have launched a partnership branded wnOptimise which puts an end to the costly and time-consuming 'ping-pong' often seen in global shipments.

wnOptimise will put an end to the scenario that sees goods manufactured in China shipped to a UK retailer's DC, only to be shipped back to Asia to fulfil and order and then all the way back to the UK if it's returned!

The software platform provides total control and complete visibility of a company's supply chain and ensures goods held anywhere in the supply chain are shipped via a more efficient, cost-effective and logical route.
This ground-breaking software platform is secure and easy to incorporate. It delivers a single view of all inventory in all locations, thus transforming stock control and optimising the shipment of orders.

VS co-founder Ed Bradley said: "VS is a company all about game-changing and this new partnership with wnDirect certainly comes under that banner. wnOptimise sees international distribution finally catch up with the needs of modern ecommerce. A change was needed and the change is here."

Stuart Hill, CEO of wnDirect said: "At wnDirect we focus on identifying a challenge and then figuring out a way to overcome it. Often the best way of doing this is by partnering with other experts; bringing our knowledge and expertise together and creating something amazing. This is a prime example of that. By working with Virtualstock we are bringing to market something that not only makes a difference to a retailer's efficiency but also to their bottom line. Something we think retailers will like!"

For more information contact:

Carolyne Turnbull

Sarah Roberts

About VS

Founded in 2004, The VS Team have spent the last ten years perfecting a completely new way in allowing data to flow between any network of systems and platforms, deliverying scalabe, rapid,controlled management of all data - without ANY interference to existing systems.

About wnDirect

1. wnDirect is an example of entrepreneurial thinking at its best. Now well established as a market leader with a positive foothold in the UK and US outbound market wnDirect has a catalogue of key brands under its belt and experience totalling 8 million packages. wnDirect is set to launch a number of other outbound services this year as well as a number of destination lanes. Recently launching delivery to Russia, China, Brazil and a number of Middle East lanes wnDirect has significant global coverage operating in all the key regions.

2. For more information or to arrange an interview contact Sarah Roberts , Vane Percy & Roberts on (T) 01737 821890, email

3. To keep up-to-date with wnDirect follow us on Twitter or LinkedIn

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