The world is your oyster

Jul 02, 2013

Since launch wnDirect has delivered over 7.8 million parcels to 13 countries with an additional 8 to be added to our portfolio shortly. Our mantra to our retail clients is often 'slowly, slowly'. Global domination takes time and a considered and strategic expansion at a sensible rate can also pay considerable dividends. We have practised what we preach and despite being confident that our services can easily operate from different countries of origin we have focussed on the UK, building a tried and tested service, which has many unique attributes. Confident that we have developed a solution which seamlessly integrates with retailers and which has overcome all the pitfalls we found, we felt that the time was right to branch out. To coincide with the Internet Retailer Conference and Exhibition in Chicago we launched our US outbound service. wnDirect already delivers over 2 million parcels to the US but now retailers based there can take advantage of our services. We have had a really positive response to this launch and look forward to working with our friends from across the pond.

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