Stuart Hill becomes CEO of wnDirect

Apr 09, 2014

Stuart Hill has been made CEO of wnDirect. Formerly the Managing Director the 35 year-old seasoned eCommerce professional looks set to steer the business, which recently bagged a National Business Award, into the next phase of its global growth.

The previous CEO, Gary Stefanello, will remain a key member of the Board and will focus on driving US outbound strategies whilst maximising the ongoing partnership with WorldNet Shipping Inc.

Launched a little over 2 years ago wnDirect is a classic example of what can be achieved with entrepreneurial spirit, a good idea and the tenacity and courage to put the plan into action.

Stuart Hill, now CEO of wnDirect had spent a number of years at John Lewis and then ASOS; both brands well regarded for their ecommerce strategies. Whilst in previous roles Stuart became increasingly frustrated with the lack of 'right' logistics partner in terms of what the eCommerce sector needed to expand its global reach. In general terms you either had the choice of unreliable mail services or prohibitively expensive courier services - if a basket value for an online shopper is £50 a delivery charge of £50 is far from attractive!

So taking the proverbial bull by the horns Stuart created a bespoke service which bridges the gap between the slow option (which often requires you to cross your fingers) and the more reliable service which prices many retailer's customers out of the market. The result - wnDirect.

Two years on wnDirect has gained a positive foothold in the UK and US outbound market with a catalogue of key brands under their belt and experience totalling 8 million packages. wnDirect is set to launch a number of other outbound services this year as well as a number of destination lanes. Recently launching delivery to Russia, China, Brazil and a number of Middle East lanes wnDirect has significant global coverage operating in all the key regions but also those which have, previously, provide incredibly difficult.

wnDirect's innovative approach and upfront investment where it spends time developing a solution fit for purpose has paid dividends recently. Following recent legislative changes in Russia wnDirect is still the only carrier already complying with the new requirements and, therefore the only carrier who will be able to process and clear Russia customs. According to Morgan Stanley the Russian ecommerce market will grow by 35 percent reaching $36 billion in 2015 and $72 billion by 2020. With such significant growth opportunities it is no surprise that the region has attracted the interest of the global retail industry and why the competitive advantage wnDirect has is so exciting for them as a business.

Speaking about the change Stuart Hill said: "I am delighted to be taking over the reigns as CEO and look forward to the exciting times ahead. We have achieved so much for such a young company and the innovations and new launches we have scheduled for the next 12-18 months will continue in this vein. The people at wnDirect is what make us unique and so successful. Not one of us is satisfied with 'good enough' we want to develop solutions and strategies which break the norm and really make a difference to our customers. I am proud to lead the wnDirect team and long may the success (and fun!) continue."

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