Reducing transit times for USA West Coast Parcels

May 02, 2014

The US is a big country - 9,826,675 km to be exact now I appreciate this statement isn't going to give Columbus a run for his money but it's a fact which is often forgotten as we tend to talk about countries and regions, in logistics terms, as a whole.

'We deliver to the US'

'We deliver to Australia'.

The distance from East to West Coast US is a few thousand miles which means that if a parcel destined for California is injected into JFK there is likely to be another couple of days before it reaches its destination.

At wnDirect we are currently sending over 2 million parcels into the US and expect that to continue in line with our double digit growth rates and the general growth of eCommerce in the US. Around 20 per cent of those parcels are destined for the West Coast and, therefore, go on this cross country journey.

As part of our commitment to continuous improvement and making sure we have always got something innovative to talk about we have now launched a West Coast injection point which means we can now fly parcels into either the East or West Coast of the US, depending upon their final destination.

So what's the big news? Well it means that around 20 per cent of our US customers will be receiving their parcels even quicker...for no extra cost.

It also means that we have a contingency plan if the Arctic weather which hit the East Coast last winter and disrupted 3,700 flights returns next year.

It remains 'business-as-usual' for our retailer partners as no action is required by them to take advantage of this expedited service, but if you'd like to hear more, contact us via our website.

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