Oh Canada!

Jun 07, 2017

Canada is fast becoming a prosperous eCommerce market. eMarketer predicts that although they have previously trailed behind the UK and US, they are now catching up fast, and the latest forecast suggests eCommerce will account for 10% of retail sales by 2020.

So what are Canadian consumers looking for? Research from eMarketer and Canada Post suggests:

  • Simplicity - 41% of consumers will complete their purchase if the checkout process is easy
  • Upfront costs - 25% of consumers will complete their purchase if delivery costs are upfront at the checkout
  • Transparency - Canadians favour being able to control their experiences, so favour multiple delivery choices with the option of tracking
  • Promotions - 66% of consumers will sacrifice fast delivery, for free delivery (even if there is a minimum spend in place to qualify)
  • Changing their minds - 33% of consumers are more likely to complete at checkout if the returns process is easy

80% of Canadians now shop online, and millennials in particular are a demographic you should be looking to impress. Their use of mobile and omni-channel shopping means apps and social media regularly influences their purchasing decisions. They are also embracing some of the innovative eCommerce trends, such as Click and Collect. Toronto-based supermarket Loblaw allows consumers to order their food shop online, and collect it later.

For cross border retailers looking to sell products into Canada, it can be complicated. Most orders over $20 CAD are required to pay duty, and the rates vary by HTS code and the state the consumer lives in. Having the right partner, who can help you navigate this, whether its with a DDU or DDP solution, is vital.

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