JD.COM INC. Cooperation Conference

Jun 27, 2016

On 29th June we will be attending the JD.COM INC. Cooperation Conference in London.

The Conference promises to enable British brands to unlock the potential of the Chinese eCommerce market in partnership with China's largest and most trusted e-tailer - JD.COM INC., which is the most popular online direct sales company in China, with a staggering 170 million active customers.

We fully expect the event to be bursting at the seams as China represents significant opportunities for Western retailers who are all keen to get a piece of the action.

Why? China's eCommerce market has grown at 71 per cent annually since 2009 and has now surpassed the US as the world's largest eCommerce market. There are a whopping 380 million online shoppers today in China, and it's predicted that over 50 per cent of China's consumption will be conducted online within 10 years. An increase in mid to high income online shoppers has driven an overseas online purchasing craze in China and online sales are anticipated to reach $650 billion by 2020. Enough said!

Being on the ball, we've been helping retailers unlock the potential that China has to offer for some time now. Our go-to-market package - wnOnline - enables retailers to access the region in as little as 3 months with low risk and low cost. For more information about wnOnline click here

The exclusive JD.COM INC. Cooperation Conference will provide attendees with lots of interesting insights as well as the tools and connections needed to start tapping into the fast growing Chinese eCommerce market. Speakers will include senior executives from JD.COM INC. who will explain every step of the process for companies who want to sell to Chinese consumers online.

We're looking forward to lots of networking at this high profile event, getting the word out about our services and further extending our already vast knowledge about this booming market.

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