Mobile eCommerce changing retail

May 30, 2017

eCommerce is becoming ever more popular. Millennials are particularly in love with mobile shopping, with 67% preferring it to in-store buying. But it isnt just Millennials, if your demographic is anywhere between 16-35 then you need to make sure you have a smooth mobile user experience, as they are spending more and more time connected.

The average adult in the UK spends nearly nine hours of each day on the internet, outstripping time spent sleeping or doing other tasks (lets leave the cleaning to another day), according to figures from Ofcom.

Consumers are very willing to pick up their phones and buy because their device is nearby, but it is important that this shouldn’t mean complacency from businesses when improving the mobile buying experience. According to Forbes, if companies pay attention and give online buyers what research says they want, investing in mobile development, both businesses and buyers can benefit.

We have done some research and found other ways you can innovate with mobile technology:

  • Chatbots can allow consumers to ask questions around the clock - great when your consumers are on a different time zone. Michael Braybook of mGage says Chatbots can answer 80-90% of queries, taking them out of your WISMO queue
  • In the US, Dominos experimented with taking orders by emojis Ill have #with extra #
  • Location based services – tracking a customer to their location and sending them specific offers, treats or messages
  • Voice search – according to Braybook, 85% of consumers will manage their relationship with a brand without interacting with a human – consumers are already using products such as Alexa to order items. Advice says the best way to respond to a voice search, is with a relevant video and a good description
  • Direct purchase through social media - facebook (65% of social sales) and Pintrest (93% of users have bought in the last 6 months) are at the top
  • Video content - branded video content can boost a sites SEO, increase conversions, make content more shareable, and help shoppers consume more information in less time. Behind-the-scenes production videos, demonstrations, 360-degree product rotations and even live streaming are should be on your radar

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