​Happy Birthday Queen Elizabeth II - ‘It makes you proud to be British’

Apr 22, 2016

Happy Birthday Queen Elizabeth II - ‘It makes you proud to be British’

Not a million miles from our Heathrow office the Queen celebrated her 90th birthday in Windsor yesterday. If we timed it just right we could hear the calls of the well-wishers floating on the wind. We would like to take the opportunity to add our good wishes into the mix and say (a slightly belated) Happy Birthday.

It is times such as this that make us feel a bit nostalgic about all things British reminiscing back to the proud feelings we all had when Britain was in the global limelight during the Olympics, and for the Royal Wedding. And that is exactly the mood with British retail at the moment. Internationally British retailers are celebrated and coveted.

Our own consumer research suggests that, the US and the UK are the most desirable e-destinations for consumers to purchase goods online outside their own country.

I mean no disrespect when I say that Queen Elizabeth II (Happy Birthday again Ma’am) and her family are a valuable international brand that continues to attract worldwide attention. During the opening ceremonies of the London Olympics, 900 million viewers worldwide watched Queen Elizabeth II play herself in the parody which saw her issue orders to James Bond before parachuting into the Olympic Stadium (via a stunt double if any of you didn’t see it and are currently confused!)

So as we come together to continue to celebrate this very Royal and very British occasion it will be interesting to see how many of Fortnum & Mason’s commemorative Queen Bee honey, Cambridge Satchel's celebratory 'Quest' collection, or Royal Doulton’s ‘Celebrating Queen Elizabeth at 90’ china makes its way to foreign shores.

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