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Mar 04, 2013

Global B2C e-commerce sales are set to exceed €1 trillion in 2013, a year earlier than forecast just a year ago, after growing to €690 billion last year. This massive growth in e-commerce presents both huge opportunities and huge challenges for CEP players.

Iain Johnson explains: "In GeoPost we absolutely recognise the importance of B2C and the fact that we need to constantly innovate in order to stay at the forefront of B2C development. Great innovations such as Predict / Flex-Delivery in our European domestic markets are doing this, but we also need to think differently about the international B2C world which presents a host of unique problems to solve.

wnDirect is a business which is thinking differently. With the specific audience of international e-tailers in mind they are building a solution that works for e-tailers and their customers alike. The business proposition is simple - integrate best in class B2C providers around the world in an asset light way, expedite customs preparation and clearance processes, and present to e-tailers an offer that is cost effective, reliable and tailored to their needs in a way that isn't available in the pure CEP or mail sectors at the moment.

Gary Stefanello, CEO wnDirect added: "Our number one priority is to give e-tailers what they want. They want something that is more cost effective than Express but more predictable and reliable than the mail. They want to give their customers a hassle-free shopping experience with no worries about additional charges when receiving an item, customs delays or any of those things that are usually associated with international distribution of 2C items. This is our mission".

Stuart Hill, MD wnDirect knows these problems all too well. With a background in international e-commerce with the likes of and he has first hand experience of what it is like to sit on the other side of the table and choose which carriers to use. "The reality is that wnDirect was created because it didn't exist! There wasn't a carrier out there who could replicate the domestic 2C shipping experience internationally so we set out to build it. We have a long journey ahead but we've made fantastic progress and are already carrying well over 350,000 items a month to 15 key e-commerce destinations."

As Iain Johnson explained, the rationale for GeoPost investing in wnDirect is clear, "they have knowledge and experience which is a real addition to the skillset of the Group. They have a deep understanding of e-commerce, a deep understanding of the complexities that need to be overcome with customs and duty management, and they have a deep understanding of international shipping. Between Gary, Steve and Stuart there is a wealth of experience we can tap into and I believe that there are real opportunities for them to benefit from being part of the GeoPost Group, and for us and our existing businesses to benefit from having them on board".

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