Festival fever…!

Jun 15, 2015

According to The Independent, music festivals have added £1bn to the economy over the last four years. With the largest festival, Glastonbury, worth nearly £100m to the economy.

And it appears that eCommerce is benefiting directly…A recent article in www.retailgazette.co.uk reported that festival fever in the UK is set to bring an online sales boom in the coming weeks.

According to insight released by eBay Advertising, this time last year eBay saw a jump of 40% in searches for "wellies" and an increase of 24% in searches for "waterproof," as consumers who had just been paid at the end of May stocked up on essential supplies for the 'summer' festivals!

eBay's insights suggest that, as well as taking note of the festival calendar, that fashion and outdoor brands should also keep an eye on the weather forecast as when the Met Office released a forecast of rain days before the Reading and Leeds festival last August, searches for "wellies" and "waterproof" soared.

So to our fellow retailers - take note…as the popularity of the British festival continues to rise, be sure not to miss out on festival frenzy and tailor your online campaigns and promotions to the festival season (and the great British summer weather!)

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