Doing our bit for the environment

Mar 19, 2018

Prime Minister Theresa May recently launched the government’s environment plan, setting out measures to reduce plastic waste over the next 25 years. With that in mind, we have been looking at our own policies, making sure we don’t contribute to a “throwaway culture”.

Alongside investigating how we can make our supply chain more environmentally friendly, we have implemented several changes at our Head Office to reduce waste, and increase recycling. That includes encouraging our employees to think about how they can affect change. Most people actively recycle at home, so why not at work!

Our main changes include:

  • Encouraging teams to be paper free. Our Finance & HR department have already taken this up and have been rewarded with a free lunch!
  • All paper used at Head Office is certified recycled. Printers are set to black and white and double sided as standard
  • No single use plastic is available
  • Employees are encouraged to bring in refillable water bottles & use the same coffee/tea cup to reduce washing up
  • Huge recycling efforts have been launched by our HR department – separate bins for recyclable materials, and food waste is separated and composted. Our waste collection company, Grundon, came and gave a presentation to emploees on how they recycle our waste and turn non-recyclables into energy which is given back to the National Grid
  • Cycle to work scheme is now in its third year and wnDirect offers benefits for those who car share to reduce emissions

With so much plastic ending up in our oceans, and global warming continuing to be a problem for our planet, we feel we have a duty to contribute where we can. Our parent company, DPDGroup, has already made an admirable commitment to make sure every parcel that they deliver is carbon neutral – so we have a great role model who is helping us on our own journey.

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