​Breaking into China

Dec 18, 2019

Its common knowledge that China has the largest population in the world, consequently holding one of the largest ecommerce markets in the world. In 2021, cross-border retail imported into China is expected to reach $50.9 billion USD, with the most popular categories being,

  1. Food
  2. Beauty and personal care
  3. Apparel, footwear and bags

But it can be a bit daunting entering a new market for the first time! Here are some tips which may make the process a little easier:

  • Removing barriers

Chinese consumers love western brands! Not only for the name, but it is a common belief among Chinese consumers that western-made brands have better quality goods.

Asendia’s own Ecommerce Project Manager, Elodie Vauthier, adds China’s rising middle class is willing to spend more and more on quality goods, such as certain baby care and products for moms, cosmetics, health supplements and luxury goods.

  • Consider setting up a landing page for Chinese consumers

Make sure your website, services, operations and tracking are all compatible for Chinese consumers. You may not have branched out to the Chinese ecommerce market yet; therefore, your systems may not be accessible to Chinese consumers. Take advantage of our team; we’re happy to discuss plans for shipping.

  • Reach out to your customers

You’ll want to attract Chinese consumers. Once you have a plan in place, to ship your goods to China, advertise! Whether it be through email, local channels, or webpage ads (or all three), make sure you are getting the word out.

  • Keywords and geotargeting

If you are going to all of this effort to get the word out, don’t forget to keyword and geotarget your ads (this includes by time of day). If you are holding a sale, remember, China is about 8 hours ahead of the UK, 13 hours for the US (New York) and -3 hours for Australia, so make sure your Chinese consumers will see your sale!

If you are interested in selling to China, but don’t know where to start, contact us here!

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