An exciting development at wnDirect

May 01, 2014

I am really excited to share the news that we have concluded a deal with GeoPost UK which sees them increase their stake in our business.

GeoPost has increased its stake by buying part of the founders' existing shareholding, all of MetaPack's shareholding and has also injected significant investment bringing working capital into the business.

In summary this enables us to not only continue with our growth plans, but expedite them. Specifically we are planning on opening a series of processing centres across the world which will bring the 'wnDirect expertise' to an increased number of retailers. We also have a number of innovative solutions in the pipeline and this investment will enable us to innovate even faster in the future.

Quite a statement for a business which is a mere toddler in age terms.

As I've shared with you before we are proud that we work for a catalogue of brands which even the most na've fashionista would recognise. Since launch we have delivered over 8 million packages for those brands - not bad going!

So what does this mean for us? Essentially it is business as usual as we will retain the same management team, brand and ethos - just with the financial flexibility to be able to expedite our growth plans. Maintaining control of the business and being able to put our plans into action was a key factor when looking for investment. Geopost has already shown themselves to be fantastic corporate partners. They provide us with the support we need but allow us the freedom and flexibility to continue to build on our successes. We are all about fostering innovation and entrepreneurialism and Geopost provides a perfect fit to enable those behaviours to continue.

It has certainly been an exciting time!

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