Alibaba's 8.8 Day

Aug 08, 2016

Did you know that today is online giant Alibaba’s ‘8.8 Day’?

8.8 is a 24-hour shopping extravaganza that Alibaba created last year to promote its international offering. Held on the eighth day of the eighth month – an auspicious date in China where people consider eight a lucky number – it is an occasion on which international brands launch exclusive products and deals on Tmall.

Alibaba is already a pro at orchestrating mammoth shopping events. Its anti-Valentine’s Day celebration - Singles Day – which takes place on 11th November (11/11) every year has become the world’s biggest online retail event which last year saw the etailer process a staggering £9.4bn of orders on the day! Wow!

The question is, will 8.8 Day prove to be as big as Singles Day?

It seems that despite it being a new shopping event. 8.8 Day is already off to a stellar start. According to Alibaba’s UK managing director in August last year, Alibaba achieved its second biggest day for cross border sales, taken over only by Singles’ Day, she says.

It will be interesting to see this years results in the coming days…

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