Tips for Sending Internationally

Mar 15, 2019

There are many things to take into consideration when shipping internationally. This can be extra overwhelming when it’s your first time.

That is why we have created this simple, little guide to help you get started!

1. Don’t Send Prohibited Items

Make sure that the items you are sending aren’t prohibited in the country you are sending it to. These can include, but are not limited to: tools, nail varnish or toys labelled ‘magic’. So, make sure you check the countries customs and clearance regulations, otherwise the parcel may be destroyed, losing you money.

2. Is There a Duty Charge?

Many countries require Duty payments on orders over their threshold, such as India and the USA. This information will also be found in the country’s Customs and clearance regulations.

For this, you should consider:

• Is this something you will pay for?

• Will you include in the overall price of the order?

• Will you advise the customer on how to pay this themselves?

For orders returning to the USA, wnDirect can assist retrieving Duty for retailers (should you chose to pay for it). For more information about ‘Duty Drawback’, click here.

3. Package Your Orders Appropriately

International parcels travel through many, extra processes, so you may want to consider different outcomes - such as broken products.

Look into packaging orders with extra care, as broken products = broken customer relationships. Bubble wrap and padded packets for more fragile items may be the difference between a happy or a sad customer.

4. Consider Seasonality and Holidays

Thanksgiving? Eid? Christmas? Shipping around international holidays and seasons can sometimes affect delivery times, and again, this can have an impact on your company’s relationship with its customers. During these times, couriers will have specific cut off dates to ensure that your parcel will arrive in good time. These dates are usually available on the individual courier’s website or partners, such as wnDirect, can manage this on a global scale for you. Around these times, be upfront and let you customers know of delays.

5. Don’t Pay More Than You Need Too

Are parcels being delivered by plane? Van? Carrier pigeon? Sending parcels by express or mail can largely affect the cost.

Think about your parcels value and how much you want to spend. Find a reputable, and reliable logistics service, who has competitive prices.

wnDirect are known for their great service and prices. Chat to one of our team today about international shipping.

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