'Global' doesn't represent one market. We tend to think of the internet as a virtual space which, to a certain extent, blurs geographical boundaries. In some respects it does, although the movement of tangible products still requires country laws to be abided by.

Therefore, each and every country retailers choose to ship to have to be managed on an individual basis. Very few retailers have the in-house expertise or resource to be able to manage this. Unfortunately, there has been a distinct lack of logistics partners who can help navigate the complex process and provide a service which goes far beyond just delivery.

Sending items without duty can cause loss and non-delivery both of which carry significant price tags. Leaving the calculation of duty to the last-minute results in a headache managing returns and refunding duty. So what's the answer?

wnDirect's ID and Duty Management solution - how does it work?

  • An order is placed through the wnDirect system
  • The trusted end broker calculates and applies duty and taxes to the specific order and confirms any other local requirements such as proof of ID
  • The customer automatically receives an email alerting them to the requirements
  • The email also prompts agreement to use the customer's personal information for custom's clearance and upload of ID. It also advises them of the amount of local duty payable and links to a secure payment facility using PayPal or a major credit card.
  • Full real-time visibility of all orders
  • Quickly see which orders are awaiting customer action or customs approval
  • wnDirect's paperless system pre-advises the local customs office once items are in transit - reducing the potential for delays once goods have landed
  • Goods can be held whilst ID upload and duty payment is completed. Therefore if the customer fails to do this there are no returns to be managed.

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