By leveraging our IT resources, global infrastructure and partner relationships, we have made the impossible possible by creating the world's first global Pick-Up-Drop-Off (PUDO) solution.

  • No additional retailer investment required
  • A single portal of entry from your website
  • API integration is managed by us on a country-by-country basis
  • Management of all tax and duty requirements
  • Local language communications, customer support and full tracking as standard
  • Returns are just as simple; the customer places the unwanted item back into the locker or parcel shop it was collected from

Not only have we been able to launch a comprehensive global solution, we have also thought about the bottom line. By consolidating all of our volumes we can ensure that all of our retailers benefit from the most competitive rates.

For niche or start-up brands this is vital as many logistics companies work on a volume basis - if you haven't got the volumes you won't secure the rates - with us it's different. We don't discriminate - instead we actively support your global aspirations.

"Shoppers are used to being able to order online at anytime, anywhere; as a result they now expect the same level of flexibility from the delivery options. We live in a busy world and waiting in for a delivery is met with increasing intolerance. Even specific time windows can present challenges for those whose schedule is subject to change. wnCollect represents the Utopian vision of an international delivery solution; the reality is even the most flexible delivery solutions can't compete with the round-the-clock availability of a locker bank. These solutions have gathered momentum but by being able to offer this on a global basis we really are changing the delivery game."

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