As international experts, we like to know what goes on in the markets we ship to; so we recently carried out our own independent research
to find out the expectations and shopping behaviours of worldwide eCommerce consumers.

Our research confirmed a well known fact; that American consumers are very comfortable with cross-border eCommerce, being among
the most likely consumers to shop from overseas. Take a look at our infographic for more information about the eCommerce opportunities in the USA:


wnDirect was founded by retail experts who understand that eCommerce needs a tailored solution not offered by existing logistics’ providers, so offers a delivery solution specifically for the needs of e-retailing. With the philosophy ‘Order Globally - Deliver Locally’, we select the best-in-class in-country partners and ensure seamless delivery right to your customers doorstep.

Customs regulations, ID & duty payments, local language communications and returns are all managed by us as part of the service; so there are no barriers to you opening up new markets.

If you would like to hear more about our innovations or how we can help tailor an international
delivery solution to suit your needs, simply complete the form below.