Much has been reported about how many retailers are missing significant opportunities by relying on the UK economy alone and how international expansion represents the future. Despite these opportunities Snow Valley research discovered that 48 per cent of UK retailers still don’t deliver overseas. Reasons for this apathy include the fear of unknown shipping and customs costs as well as the difficulty in sourcing a partner who can offer a truly end-to-end solution which provides transparency and visibility throughout the entire process.

Recognition of these barriers and the need for a more relevant solution fuelled the development of wnDirect's innovative solution which can be further tailored to meet specific demands of individual retailers. As wnDirect manages the entire solution it can also be reversed enabling foreign retailers to sell to the UK market. An attractive proposition as many of the more savvy internet shoppers simply source the best price and are not perturbed by the fact the products do not originate from the UK. In fact many internet shoppers are attracted to the wider choice global sourcing allows.

wnDirect enables retailers to take advantage of the opportunities international expansion offers.

Helping you clear Customs; ID capture and Duty Payment solutions

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