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wnDirect is an example of entrepreneurial thinking at its best. Now well established as a market leader in the UK, wnDirect came to market with the attitude that international logistics solutions for retailers could, and should, be different.

wnDirect felt that the services had not kept pace with the growing eCommerce market and, as a result, were not responding to the industry’s specific needs. wnDirect changed that. 7.8 million parcels later they now have a portfolio of leading online retailers benefiting from their fresh thinking.

What makes wnDirect different

  • Case Studies

    Our Track Record

    See how our online leading retail partners are benefiting from our fresh approach to International distribution

  • Peak Planner

    Minimise Delivery Disruption

    Keep up to date with things that may impact your delivery schedule; adverse weather, Public Holidays
    and the like

  • Sell into Russia

    We're still shipping to Russia!

    The Russian ecommerce market will grow by 35 percent reaching $36 billion in 2015 and $72 billion by 2020.

  • Destinations

    Your Routes To Market

    Understand the opportunities presented by Global eCommerce consumers & see how wnDirect can help you reach them

How can retailers drive sales and offer added value for overseas customers?

Independent research lead by wnDirect shows a whopping 85% of pure plays and multichannel retailers surveyed in Europe are expecting cross-border online sales to continue to grow in the next year.

How can retailers drive sales and offer added value for overseas customers
The eCommerce solution to support retailers in Russia

Thought Russian customs requirements were tricky to overcome?

Think again.

wnDirect has the solution to help you overcome the language and customs barriers normally associated with trading into Russia.

Thought trading in the Chinese virtual marketplace was too difficult?

Think again.

China has 1.4 bn consumers – wnDirect can help you reach them with their new, end-to-end eCommerce solution enabling retailers to have an online local presence in China.

24/7 Service

24 hour service

wnDirect operates a 24x7 service ensuring speed, efficiency and responsiveness at all times. If someone is shopping online, we're delivering.

Worldwide Delivery


Currently servicing all of the major international eCommerce markets. wnDirect can support retailers in their global aspirations whether they are for Paris, Beijing, Moscow, New York or Melbourne.


Customs Clearance

Considerable investment in IT infrastructure enables wnDirect to offer a unique suite of services to help remove the headache often associated with Customs clearance, including Duty Payment, ID Capture and paperless pre-advice.

Dedicated Support

Dedicated Support

The wnDirect team is made up of people who not only have the expertise to help you, but the passion too. We aim to do more than deliver your parcels, we help deliver your business goals.

Advanced Tracking

Advanced Tracking

wnDirect offers advanced tracking options which ensure customers have sight of their package for the entire journey.